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Друзья, выходные на носу, погода шепчет, самое время на пикник! А дабы облегчить подготовку к выезду, предлагаем вам наборы для пикника, собранные с любовью нашими поварами!uFxidTRcbiA


НАБОРЫ ДЛЯ ПИКНИКА в ирландском пабе O’hara + 10 % скидка на пиво!
4 вида на любой вкус.
В состав набора входит:
-маринованный цыпленок в кисло-сладком соусе
-початки кукурузы для гриля
-хлеб из нашей пекарни на выбор
-кисло-сладкий соус

В состав набора входит:
-свиная шея, маринованная с базиликом, крымским луком и паприкой
-свежие овощи
-хлеб из нашей пекарни на выбор
-домашний кетчуп
-маринованный крымский лук

-стейки лосося маринованные с оливковым маслом и морской солью
-овощи для жарки на гриле
-хлеб из нашей пекарни на выбор
-заправка для овощей из соевого соуса с кинзой и молодым чесноком
-соус Тар-тар

-заправка для рыбы из розмарина, молодого чеснока и морской соли
-салат Колслоу
-хлеб из нашей пекарни на выбор

Наборы рассчитаны на 4 чел.
Подробности и заказ по тел.: 241-22-22

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Cincinnati Bengals (3 4 1) Probably the best team in the league with a losing record at the halfway point. The Bengals offense will be firing on all cylinders now that tight end Tyler Eifert is back to full action. In his last game he hauled in nine passes for over 100 yards and a score.

I feel it is important that we reduce the amount of violence that is on TV, at least for our children. We don’t want our children thinking that it is cool to be all heartless and go on picking off people on the streets. On the contrary, emphasis needs to be made on the fact that killing people is illegal and immoral.

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In order to play the game of football well, your ball must be inflated correctly. If properly inflated, the football will travel farther and faster in a straighter pattern than a ball that is not fully inflated or that is overly inflated. You can use the gauge on your pump to measure an exact pounds per square inch reading, but you also need to learn the proper feel of an perfectly inflated ball..

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My mission can be expressed from the beginning of education and throughout. In Kindergarten and pre school we learn through games and play. I wonder why that can’t be retained throughout the entire education experience. Symptoms are characterized by swelling or bruising at the site of the injury, and tenderness to the touch. If the injury is to the soleus, you might notice pain when pointing your toes in a bent knee position. The severity of your injury will determine how soon you can resume exercise..

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Two important characteristics of conduct are behavior and attitude. A code of conduct uses these characteristics as criteria for promoting a company or organization’s values and mission. While creating a code of conduct is important in establishing ground rules and boundaries, to be effective it must reach the hands of all organization members.

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